Our Story

This is One day the 16th of September that Barbers all around the world unite to give back to a worldwide charity. It is our twenty four hour event that barber shops all around the world open & go about business as usual – All the money raised in the World Barber Day  Twenty Four Hour Event is donated to a trusted Worldwide Charity. A World Barber Day Package is sent out to each barbershop worldwide who wishes to take part.

As we all know in the middle ages barbers were not only cutting hair and shaving, but also pulling teeth, dressing wounds and performing operations. these Barber – Surgeons actually formed their first organisation in France in 1096. In 1096 barbers were recognized for more than just mens hairstyles & shaves.

World barber day is an exhibition of how ordinary barbers are so much more than a barber – and how each barber can make a significant difference to the world in just one single day. The initiative was founded in 2017 by brothers Hugh & Conor Mc Allister, owners of the successful Grafton Barber barbershop chain in the Republic of Ireland.

We used the combination of 1096 (16/09) to signify the day barbers can revert back to Barber – Surgeons & make a worldwide difference.

Red and white striped with a hint of blue – a barber pole twisting next to a storefront signifies a place where men can get a haircut.On World Barber Day this signifies so much more.

 All Proceeds taken on the day will be donated directly to UNICEF.

– A Worldwide Charity. UNICEF fights for the rights of every child, everyday, across the globe.